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Carrie has been a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2006.

Miss Organization is a premiere professional organizer on
Testimonials are published with consent.

"I was lucky enough to find a cute little 2-bedroom condo in the neighborhood where I had lived for 10 years. However, my busy work schedule prevented me from moving in the timeframe I had allotted. I worked with Rebecca from Miss Organization, who packed and moved my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and office, and set them up in my new home. She recommended and with my permission purchased closet and cabinet organizers and a compact home office system, which helped me to maximize the use of my limited living space. I would still be in boxes if it had not been for my professional organizer!"

~Elizabeth F. in Gaithersburg, MD

"I never knew I had so many pairs of shoes! My closet is now orderly and I can get dressed for work in the morning in half the time, not to mention my motivation to keep it neat and tidy. I'm so thankful for the help as I would never have known where to begin by myself! The closet organizers we purchased were very affordable, yet invaluable. Thank you so much for making just one little part of my life better. Now for the kitchen..."
~Jan S. in Fredericksburg, VA
I was utterly amazed at the results of the work Miss Organization achieved in less than six hours.  Miss Organization arrived at our home with notebook in hand and was ready to work.  After her intake interview and my goals (with her questions to keep me on track) were established, I selected a room for our project.  I didn't think the room was that messy, but after two large trash bags were filled and an extra piece of furniture was identified, I knew we had accomplished something remarkable.  We rearranged the bookcase and the filing cabinet, and sorted through the closets filled with "stuff."  I now have empty shelves in the closets and excess storage space throughout.  The contents of the filing cabinet have been reduced to the necessary papers, and I have specific places for my stationery, pens, note pads, etc.  I use the room for my computer and my quiet place and now it is a joy to walk into it each day and feel the comfort of an organized room. Thank you Miss Organization for your leadership. 
~Katie B. in Annapolis, MD
You will be happy to know that we had a yard sale this past Saturday. We pulled out all of the "stuff" that was put in the back of the garage. We are happy to report that we made over $200! Hard to believe.
~Kim R. in Locust Grove, VA
The assistance I received from Miss Organization has allowed me to resume a sense of "normalcy" that I was not able to obtain on my own following brain surgery, through assistance with time management, schedules and memorabilia sorting.  I will forever be grateful for this step forward.
~Sonia L. in Fredericksburg, VA

Sports, homework, dinner, chores, repeat!!  Make your life and your kids' lives simpler, creating more meaningful time together!

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