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Give the Gift of Organization with a Miss Organization gift certificate. Contact us for details.

Carrie has been a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2006.

Miss Organization is a premiere professional organizer on

Carrie is now serving clients in Spring, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call her to systemize and simplify your life NOW!

what is a professional organizer? 

A professional organizer helps clients create and maintain systems to schedule, organize, and run their households and lives more efficiently. 

Our goal is to create and restore harmony and help you improve your time management and effectiveness in order to relieve stress in your home and in you.  Efficient processes give you and your family more time to enjoy the relaxing things in life, like time with each other! 

Organization does not happen overnight--it is a process.  Each client's needs are assessed with an open mind because each individual has unique goals, and the same organizing techniques do not work for everyone.  We match different organizing techniques and methods to each client in order to better enable them to maintain the systems that we help them establish.

We are currently helping customers in Annapolis, MD and surrounding areas.  Take the first step to a more organized lifestyle by calling us today!

we specialize in 


-Kids' Rooms/Playrooms

-Bedroom and Storage Closets

-Home Offices



we can help you to 

-Clear Clutter

-Manage Your Time

-Prepare Your Home for Sale (Home Staging)

-Pack or Unpack from a Move

-Sort Through and Organize Memorabilia

results you can expect 

Your home and schedule will be more manageable.

You will be able to find things around your house/home office without guessing where to look.

You will be able to maximize your storage space.

You will be able to achieve the organization results that you want with ease.

You will be prepared to maintain the household harmony that we assist you in establishing.


Sports, homework, dinner, chores, repeat!!  Make your life and your kids' lives simpler, creating more meaningful time together!


If you, a friend or family member are expecting a little one, call me to help plan and organize your nursery!  It can be overwhelming whether it's your first child or your third, fourth, or fifth!  Give the gift of organization to a friend who's expecting a little bundle of joy!!

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systemize ~ organize ~ harmonize